The latest full release of Apollo is always hosted on CRAN and we recommend installing it via install.packages("apollo"). When using the CRAN release, we recommend installation using binaries rather than building from source.

Users can also download legacy and development versions, along with the examples and manual for the same version below. Where binaries are not available, these versions need to be compiled locally, and users require Rtools for this purpose.

For an overview of changes across versions, see here.

Version Status Release date Source code Windows binary Manual Examples
v0.0.0.6 released 13 March 2019 apollo_0.0.6.tar.gz - Apollo_v_006.pdf
v0.0.0.7 released 8 May 2019 apollo_0.0.7.tar.gz - Apollo_v_007.pdf
v0.0.0.8 released 9 September 2019 apollo_0.0.8.tar.gz Apollo_v_008.pdf
v0.0.0.9 under development TBD apollo_0.0.9.tar.gz Apollo_v_009.pdf
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